1996年結合各方專業人員並成立Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd.,主要業務以推展及售後服務美製高品質FS-ELLIOTT Oil-free Centrifugal Air Compressor。


承蒙各界對艾律德空壓機械有限公司(Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd.)的支持與鼓勵,為加強提供對大陸客戶更完善的售後服務,以因應將來的兩岸的快速發展所需。Turbo Elite於2010年,同時在大陸成立艾盛貿易(上海)有限公司(Elite Air Trading Co., Ltd.),用以增加對廣大中國地區的直接服務範圍,以利提供更快更專業的技術諮詢及服務。


     In year 1996, Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd was established by specialists and professionals from different industries. Our main business includes providing professional sales & after sales service of high quality FS-Elliott Oil-Free Centrifugal Air Compressor, which is manufacture in USA.

     With the shifting and changing of the industry’s environment, to integrate our system and expand our company is our next step towards success. Therefore, in year 2010 we began to integrate our system with relevant equipment partners to fulfill all of the satisfaction customers would be looking for.

     Thanks to the support and encouragement from all of our customers, Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd. decided to strengthen and expand after sales service. In year 2010, Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd. established “Elite Air Trading Co., Ltd.”, our branch that locates in Shanghai, to provide efficiency and professional service for customers in China.

設備銷售 / 零件銷售 / 技術服務 / 管線工程 / 節能規劃
Machinery Sales / Parts Sales / Professional Service / Piping System / Energy Saving Regulation