無油的好處 Benefits of Oil-free

消除污染的風險 Eliminate Contamination Risks


Oil-free air compressors provide manufacturers with peace of mind by avoiding contamination risks from trace oil reaching their product and protecting their corporate reputation. This peace of mind continues further downstream by preventing oil contamination in pneumatic equipment lines leading to higher maintenance and downtime.


降低營運成本 Decrease Operating Cost


Although screw type air compressor is oil-free, it is still recommended to change the head parts, which the cost is half of the machine’s full cost. Other than that, oil mist element and filters are some consumable parts that are considered with high costs that customers should be aware of while evaluating.


減少對環境的影響 Reduce Environmental Footprints


Air compressor’s oil mist and the condensate that is polluted by oil are always one serious issue during management. Therefore, with oil-free air compressor, this problem does not exist.



什麼是ISO 8573-1 Class 0認證?

What is ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 Certification?

國際標準組織(ISO)創建了ISO 8573-1,以一立方米的壓縮空氣中含有的固體顆粒、水氣及油氣的含量來判定壓縮空氣品質。ISO 8573-1 Class 0認證的測試採用現行最為嚴格的測試方法,並模擬現實的工業環境。壓縮空氣必須含有少於0.01(mg /m3)的總油量(液態/霧狀/蒸氣)。

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established ISO 8573-1, determine the quality of compressed air by the content of solid particles, water vapor and oil and gas contained in one cubic meter of compressed air. ISO 8573-1 Class 0 is certified with the strictest testing method by simulating actual industry’s environment. Air compressor must include lesser than 0.01 (mg /m3) of the total oil amount (liquid/mist/steam).


ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Standard:  

Class             Concentration total oil (mg/m3)     

 0                  As specified, more stringent than Class 1      

 1                                            ≤ 0.01      

 2                                             ≤ 0.1


你怎麼知道你取得的壓縮空氣品質符合ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0標準?

How do you know the quality of your compressed air matches the ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 Standard?

了解無油空氣壓縮機對製造業的長期利益,FS-Elliott致力於設計空氣壓縮機,提供符合 ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) 認證的潔淨空氣。

為了給我們的客戶保證,我們所製造的空壓機能提供符合ISO 8573-1 Class 0標準等級無油空氣品質要求,我們已取得TÜV(Technischer überwachungs Verein - 技術監測協會)的認證。 TÜV是全球獨立領導者,在評估產品的質量和安全性的同時保持最嚴格的標準。FS-Elliott無油離心式空壓機 “Class 0”認證,無疑是最大限度減少客戶的風險,實現了高品質的壓縮空氣。


Understanding the benefits that oil-free air compressor can provide for manufacturers in long term, FS-Elliott designs and develop air compressor according to the ISO 8573-1 Class 0 (2010) standard.

To guarantee our clients with the best service and products, our air compressor qualifies ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Standard that was certified by TÜV (Technischer überwachungs Verein). The TÜV is a worldwide, independent leader in evaluating the quality and safety of products while maintaining the strictest of standards. Our current certification is available upon request.