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Compressed air is taken from the atmospheric air, then back to the atmosphere. It has several characteristics such as low pollution, zero self-combustion, no harmful smells, safe and easily operating with data transfer application. It is widely applied in industries such as manufacturing, coal & mining, constructions, medical and agricultural. It is the most widespread natural resource asides from electricity power. In Europe / America regions, compressed air is well known as one of the four industry resources with electricity, water and steam air.

Air compressor has the following benefits: easily transfer, convenient in storage, light weight, dry clean, safely use, unlimited in taking air, easily to operate, and fast in transferring.

Main Purpose: driven, delivering, spraying, blowing & leaking, testing & inspecting, and manufacturing process control.

Applicable Industry: Logistic, air separation unit, food, biochemical manufacturing, oil & petroleum, chemical engineering, power generator, electricity, automotive, iron, glass, copper metallurgy, and textile/fiber industry.